Cigisped offers consultancy for customs and duties

Cigisped handles the transportation of boats and yachts by sea. Helps for duties imposed at customs for shipments involving countries outside the EU

Cigisped offers consultancy for customs and helps with the duties imposed at customs - the organizations overseeing the international movement of goods, for tax purposes - in the field of import and export activities. This type of specialized service, whether for the transportation of yachts and boats or for nautical equipment in general, is of fundamental importance to the facilitation of shipping departures, as well as in the integrated logistics phase.

The support of qualified experts allows for consulting operations dedicated to both new and used vessels, offering targeted and personalized help for all the Client's needs.

The customs operations exclude the involvement of transportation outside the member states of the European Union. The Community comprising a single customs union (since 1968) implies the free movement of goods once inside the EU after import duties have been paid on entry.

The EU customs union is defined as perfect, stating the principles of the absence of physical barriers, tariff barriers, a common system of taxation for goods being imported and an absence of technical barriers. This presupposes a total absence of duties within the market, standardized import duties, standardized rules of origin for imported goods, and a common definition of customs value. These laws apply also in cases of export to countries outside the European Union.

The total operation is regulated by four basic customs sources: the il Community Customs Code n. 2913/1992, the New Community Customs Code, n. 450,2008, the implementing provisions of the Community Customs Code n. 2454/1993, and the Single Text of the Customs Act n. 43/1973 for all incompatible parts.

Cigisped ensures experience and ability with this set of legislation about customs regulation, with the fulfillment of import requirements (presentation of goods to customs authorities upon first entry by the transport operator) and export requirements, with total intermediation and representation of the Client. Customs policies and resulting tariffs will vary based on the type of boat or yacht or eventual parts and nautical equipment to be transported.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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