Yacht delivery acceptance and temporary license plates

Cigisped handles the acceptance of delivery of the yacht and provides temporary plates and insurance coverage for the transportation of the boat

A chief company officer will accept the boat for delivery to manage transportation and all the usual stages of loading the yacht from its home marina.

Cigisped and its affiliated staff will plan all the logistical and structural phases of the operation, when necessary also organizing different means of boat transport by sea or over land.
Operations which involve the yacht from the moment of its acceptance for delivery to the selected port of departure.

In case of a yacht for which it is not necessary to prepare a registration, or for any other reason it may be needed, Cigisped offers temporary license plates upon request through authorized skippers.

This license, issued by the MIT, (Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation) is a traffic authorization.

With an extra authorization from the MIT and through the Provincial Office of Motor Vehicles, it allows the vehicle to travel throughout the country for one year, for the particular and extraordinary needs of all types of sea craft. It can be issued, such as, for a construction project, experimental or technical operations, demonstrations, expositions or other sale-related reasons, repairs, while awaiting permanent licensing or, as in the case of Cigisped's operations, for the transportation and shipping of the sea craft.

The exposition of this license during transport requires the obligatory implementation of a policy of civil responsibility towards third parties, with a guarantee of coverage for when material damages to the insured party.

Cigisped ensures the proper application of all bureaucratic rules to avoid complications or financial penalties from competent authorities with constant monitoring of every phase of acceptance for delivery of the boat, to be assured of the conditions of the vessel or yacht during the journey.

Finally, evaluating the boat's documentation and the needs of the Client, Cigisped offers the option of extending insurance coverage beyond the first stages of yacht transport to the later stages of departure and travel.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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