Assistance for customs operations for import and export

Cigisped offers assistance for customs operations in import and export. Document consultation, certificates and pre-clearing service

Cigisped handles customs operations for import and export. A team of specialists provides the necessary customs consultancy and effective, precise and reliable responses in real-time. Cigisped offers its professionalism and helps in:

  • Release free circulation.
  • EU customs clearance.
  • Internal and external transit.
  • Customs warehouse (of community and non-community goods)
  • Community transit operations with the issuing of the T2 transit document
  • Inward processing (temporary imports)
  • Re-import of unloaded temporary exports
  • Duty-free reintroductionon return goods
  • Processing under customs control
  • Outward processing (temporary exports)
  • Exports
  • Customs triangulation
  • Help and documentation for commerce in transit
  • Electronic transmission of customs declarations
  • Import and export from and to Italy and Switzerland

Cigisped offers help with the documents necessary to go ahead to customs operations for import and export, working in case of goods subject to an Import License to send the request to the relevant Ministry in Rome.

Cigisped handles the issuance of health certifications, veterinary and phytosanitary, under health and hygiene regulations in the origin and destination countries. Customs rules vary among countries of origin and destination, so the company offers global help supported by foreign offices who give consultancy in their fields of ability.

For import goods Cigisped offers pre-clearing service, that is the activation of customs clearing rules before the ship's arrival in port. This practice allows for a much shorter process of unloading of goods at the recipient's warehouse.

Cigisped offers a precise evaluation of the assignment of customs headings (HS Code) working with partner customs operators. This allows for potential exemptions from or reductions in tariffs. The team of specialists is available for consultancy on customs-related matters.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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