Cross trade and international destinations for logistics

Cigisped offers cross trade services for international destinations all over the world to complete the integrated logistics of transport and shipping

Cigisped responds in an effective way to the constant growth of an ever-increasing demand for cross-trade operations.

By "cross trade" we mean a process of transport of goods between two foreign countries without passing through the Client's country of operations.

Cigisped ensures cross trade operations by sea, air, and landThe company's goal is to meet the Client by optimizing transit time of the goods, all with a significant reduction in costs.

The service covers every international destination, any type of goods and loaded containers: FCL, LCL, in gauge containers, out of gauge containers like flat rack, open top and platform; containers for special cargo, such as  reefer containers used to keep contents at a certain temperature, and dangerous goods IMO, containers for dangerous goods.

In all phases of cross trade, the network of agents present in principle international destinations is essential. Competent and knowledgeable agents expert in the field and the now in-force regulations, as well as cultural differences that can have a strong influence on the handling of integrated logistics operations.

Cigisped's intermediation on behalf of the Client is complete, with the single goal of efficiency and professionalism.

Along with headquarters in Genoa, the network of agents comprises the following offices: Cigisped USA, stationed in Miami, Cigisped Middle East in Dubai, YSI - Yacht Service International in Monaco and Cigisped Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City.

Since Southeast Asia has become a sort of nerve center for international shipping, Cigisped has recently opened a new office, this time in Thailand, in Laem Chabang.

This network of agents develops transportation plans in dialog with the interested parties, working to realize cross-trade transport operations in a vast range of international destinations:

  • Angola, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan and South Africa on the African continent.
  • The Dutch Antilles, Virgin Islands, Martinique and Costa Rica in the Caribbean.
  • Altimira, Ensenada, La Paz and Manzanillo in Mexico.
  • Brazil in South America.
  • Vancouver and Victoria in Canada.
  • Baltimore, Jacksonville, Savannah, Fort Lauderdale, Newport and West Palm Beach in the United States.
  • Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Monaco, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom in Europe.
  • Egypt, Turkey (Istanbul and Marmaris), Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.
  • The ports of Haikou, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Xiamen in China.
  • Indonesia, India, Maldives, Seychelles, and Singapore.
  • Colombo and Galle in Sri Lanka.
  • Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia e Vietnam, in Ho Chi Minh City and Haiphong.
  • In the Pacific Ocean routes are guaranteed to New Zealand and Tahiti;
  • Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne, Newcastle, Port Kembla and Sydney in Australia.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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